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I'm Darren. I am blog mainly anime. Sometimes youtubers and video games. I am a soon to be freshman. Plus I really love cute animals.. Enjoy your stay here!

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I’m feeling the love~
photo by: Tohkoe

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when will it end

he is neither of those

How do you legally change your race

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Remember, kids: Your OTP is cool and all, but Save Room for Jesus

Jesus Saves Comic Con Part 2

This is so cute omfg, I finally saw the gif everyone was talking about! Haha I can’t wait to cosplau Jesus again at Metro!

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I might be annoying but atleast my lock screen isn’t a selfie

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Anonymous: who is the one that cooks?


Marco: Needless to say, Armin’s not really allowed to cook anymore after that.

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what the fuck is armin a fairy or some shit

look at that levitation

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punching things so hard you destroy your hands and have to wait for them to grow back is the opposite of useful, eren

ps i hate all my life choices that led to this stupid show fuck you attack on titan

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